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Guitar Lessons London

At The Kensington & Chelsea guitar School, we are dedicated to playing and teaching guitar. Founded by guitar specialist James Stratton, our mission is to spread the gift of guitar playing to anyone who wants to learn. We don’t just teach the techniques of guitar, we enrich the lives of the people we teach.

Learning the guitar is one of the greatest gifts you can bring into your life! We make it easy, fun and enjoyable through our structured lessons, plentiful resources and friendly & supportive teachers. Guitar Lessons London believe anyone can learn guitar, whoever they are, and we’ve never had anyone quit on us! Our students advance when they are motivated, encouraged and feel like they are making progress – and that’s exactly what we do!

Whatever your standard, we can take your guitar playing to the next level! Our teachers were once students themselves, and they can relate 100% to any problems of those who they teach. Whether you want to play guitar as a hobby, or make a professional living from it, we can help you reach that success with our Kensington & Chelsea Guitar lessons, whilst having fun and meeting other musicians through the love of guitar! Whatever kind of lesson you want (beginner, electric, acoustic, music theory, songwriting, other), whatever your ability (absolute beginner to advanced), wherever and however you want it (at your home, our studio, or via Skype/FaceTime) – our London guitar lessons can provide it for you!

Guitar Lessons London: Have a look at some of our testimonials here!

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us on 07957 230354, or send us an email. We are based in Kensington & Chelsea

Your Source For Quality Guitar Lessons in London.

Over the last decade our high quality guitar teachers have taught hundreds of guitar students throughout London and Greater London area.We have successfully also provided hundreds of thousands of aspiring musicians with free online instructional videos!

Every student is taught with their unique musical interest in mind!

At Kensington & Chelsea Guitar School the goal is to make learning Guitar Lessons a fun and enjoyable experience while getting most out of each lesson! Being professional guitar teachers has given us a fantastic insight on what students of all ages need to achieve their individual guitar goals.

By keeping the guitar lessons entertaining our guitar students have told us often they can’t wait to work on the plans we outline for them.We whole heartedly believe anyone can learn to play the guitar

Guitar Lessons London

Since 1995, our guitar teachers has been helping London’s adults & children develop their musical skills. We teach beginning,intermediate to advanced levels in guitar & bass guitar .Learn to play the guitar,read music and even write rock,pop,blues folk,,jazz,classical,funk,indie & country songs with Guitar Lessons London.We take great pride in encouraging and positive learning environment.t’s important to for us to help everyone that wants to learn to play the guitar.

Guitar Lessons London

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If you’re thinking about bringing the gift of music to your life or your child’s life, you’ve found the right place to keep you on track. Let our talented teachers help guide you to meeting your musical goals.Learning great songs is an important part of our relaxing but productive teaching method.
The Royal Kensington & Chelsea Guarantee!

  • World Class Guitar Lessons from an experienced and qualified guitar teachers!
  • Unique audio/visual resources exclusive to our guitar Students!
  • Free guitar maintenance!
  • 24/7 advice from professional musicians who care about your progress!

Guitar Lessons London

Call us 07957 230 354 or email today to schedule a lesson with one of our friendly guitar teachers. We’re confident you’ll agree Kensington & Chelsea Guitar School is the only right choice for you..It is also a place to connect with other students and like minded guitar players throughout London. We offer you our music knowledge as a “toolbox” of ideas to further your guitar playing and musical creativity.Guitar Lessons London is the natural home of guitar players in Kensington & Chelsea London and here 24/7 to help you!

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