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be at liberty to discover the novice, intermediate and developed guitar lesson pages that duvet issues for both acoustic and electrical guitar! Take lessons on guitar chords, guitar scales, lead guitar, blues guitar, and much more. no matter what your ability level, you’ll in finding useful recommendation and specified training on the GuitarLessonsKensington.com site!


Acoustic Guitar Lesson Gift Certificate

From: £30

Acoustic guitar reward certificates are for beginner to evolved levels guitarists who want to additional their acoustic guitar playing. the lessons contain all types of acoustic guitar song – folks, rock, indie, blues, pop – with an emphasis on the style the coed prefers.
the lessons also further the technical talents of acoustic guitar playing, be it introducing fingerpicking, harmonics, or sliding for the first time.

All other important points (date, time, region) will also be scheduled at the student’s comfort.

 choose an choice… At your home (London, UK best)Skype or FaceTime (anyplace)
 select an choice… 30 mins45 minutes60 minutes

Product Description

for those who need to e-book over the cellphone just contact James Stratton on 07957 230 354 or e-mail us on our contact web page

Lesson important points

 The Kensington & Chelsea Guitar faculty deals first class acoustic guitar lessons, from beginner to developed stage. You must expect to research so much the same content as you might research in our electric guitar classes, as these are all fundamental for bettering your guitar playing skill: 

  • All main and minor 7 chords, as well as dominant and diminished
  • main, minor, pentatonic and blues scales all through the fretboard
  • The CAGED gadget
  • Expressive blues & jazz enjoying
  • Improvisation and soloing in all genres
  • Rhythm and lead guitar enjoying
  • Chord extensions 7, 9, eleven, 13
  • Arpeggios, main and minor
  • Superimposing arpeggios
  • the most important modes
  • Staccato, hand dynamics
  • developed sliding, bending, runs, riffing, phrases, trills, legato, hammer-ons, pull-offs
  • Harmonic and melodic minor scales
  • Sweeps
  • Tapping
  • plenty of choosing styles, together with alternate, eceonomy, hybrid…
  • Altered dominant chords – 7#5, 7b5, 7#9, 7b9
  • higher self assurance and performance abilities
  • and far more!

This path can have a a lot greater emphasis on acoustic guitar parts in place of electric guitar adaptations.

should you love Simon and Garfunkel, Bert Jansch or Bob Dylan, then ask your teacher to focal point on their fashion, songwriting and musicianship, and earlier than you are aware of it, you’ll be playing “The Sound Of Silence” or “Mrs Robinson”!

you will accept handout subject matter so that you can consolidate your learning at residence and that will help you follow. Guitars are to be had to borrow at our studio.

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