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Chelsea guitar tutors and Chelsea guitar lessons | Guitar Lessons London Guitar Lessons London Guitar Lessons London | Beginners Guitar Lessons London | London Guitar Lessons
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Chelsea guitar tutors and Chelsea guitar lessons

“A personal, one-on-one environment with  real guitarists and musicians who knows everything you will ever need to learn”

guitar teacher chelsea
Chelsea Guitar Lessons London 


Many people underestimate the importance of their first music lessons.

In your beginner music lessons you will develop the habits of a lifetime It is very important that from your first lesson, you are developing the best possible habits.

Spend some time in your beginner lessons getting the detail right and you will progress much faster. The journey towards fulfilling your musical goals will be that much shorter.

And making music will be more satisfying and rewarding.

At guitar lessons Chelsea we take our beginner music lessons very seriously. Our staff are trained in how to progress music makers from every stage. If you have never picked up an instrument before in your life or if you have never sung a note before in your life, we’re ready to help.

We would love to make sure that your first lessons are the best that they can be.

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