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Guitar Lessons In Kensington


If you are new to Kensington & Chelsea  guitar lessons, you are about to discover an unbelievably fun and rewarding journey.
If you are anywhere from beginner, intermediate to highly advanced: you will find renewed joy and satisfaction with guitar and enrich your musical journey, as you will discover many new sounds, textures and colors, techniques and possibilities.Guitar lessons for everybody from a good natured and friendly guitar teachers.We offer professional guitar tuition by professional guitar teachers in London.


Discover In-Home Lessons

Guitar lessons London with Kensington & Chelsea Guitar School.Guitar Lessons Kensington,Chelsea,Knightsbridge,Holland Park,Bayswater,Paddington,Notting Hill.
Guitar Lessons In London

You can get the necessary skills needed to grow, and play any song you like! We are London’s experts of the guitar, and one of the leading in home guitar teachers in London. You do not have to work that hard, all you need to do is follow that path we designed for you all the way through, and BELIEVE in Yourself.

What you will Learn

If you are interested in a particular style or simply want to learn the basics, London’s guitar lessons allow you to learn guitar at your own pace. Lessons are tailored to your musical interests .Play your favorite songs, learn to improvise on the guitar, or learn to read music . You can learn to play guitar styles like Classical, Flamenco, Rock, Folk, Country Rock, and much more!

  • Pick any song from your past or present and we will teach you how to play it.
  • From chords and proper fingering position
  • How to read tablature and diagrams
  • How to re-string and tune the guitar


Our approach to teaching guitar is built on understanding your goals, your learning style, your previous playing experience (if you have any) and the music you are interested in. The guitar lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs. Acoustic and Electric Guitar All Styles Catering for the Beginner to Advancing

1. An introductory guitar lesson where we can assess your strengths, weaknesses and goals and form a plan on how to overcome these obstacles.

2. You will be getting lessons from a teacher who actually tracks your progress, and knows your strengths and weakness instead of a teacher who doesn’t pay attention to your progress.

3. You will learn the right things at the right time and in the right way. Most teachers don’t know how to do this, and will either give you items that are far too hard, or too simple.

4. You will learn to play the guitar faster than trying to learn on your own.

5. You will learn how to practice effectively and efficiently to gain great results in a short space of time. Practice skills is rarely taught by guitar teachers.

6. You will get instant feed back on your playing in lessons so that you know that you do something right or are doing something wrong that you wouldn’t be aware of yourself.

7. You will learn skills that are relevant to your musical goals.

8. You will gain motivation and inspiration to become the guitarist you have always wanted to become.

9. You will understand how music works and how it can influence people’s emotions.

10. You will improve your musicality and your ear for music.

11. You will have a lot of fun and gain a big sense of satisfaction during the process of learning and making music

Guitar lessons London with Kensington & Chelsea Guitar School.Guitar Lessons Kensington,Chelsea,Knightsbridge,Holland Park,Bayswater,Paddington,Notting Hill.
Gibson Les Paul

*Electric Guitar, Steel String Acoustic Guitar and Classical Guitar

*Theory of Music and Harmony & Counterpoint.

We have three studios situated in the Greater London Area area in Queens ParkKensington and Shepherd’s Bush.

Students can choose to undertake music courses in the styles the LOVE….

All our guitar lessons are conducted on a private, one to one basis, enabling us to focus our attention on each individual student and their particular requirements.

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