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Children’s Guitar Lessons – Guitar Lessons London Guitar Lessons London | Beginners Guitar Lessons London | London Guitar Lessons
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Children’s Guitar Lesson

Children's Guitar Lesson

From: £25

With Children’s Guitar Lessons @ Kensington & Chelsea Guitar Academy Your Child Will Learn:

  • How to hold down a note to get a clear tone on the guitar
  • A simple 123 Exercise to strengthen their growing hands.
  • Great songs they can sing & play.
  • 4 cool strumming patterns.
  • Lots of beautiful new guitar chords.
  • Exercises to strengthen their growing hands
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Product Description

kids’s Guitar lessons

youngsters’s Guitar classes: for those who need to guide over the telephone just contact James Stratton on 07957 230 354 or e-mail us on our contact page

What you learn

With children’s Guitar classes @ Kensington & Chelsea Guitar Academy Your child Will study:

  • how you can hold down a note to get a transparent tone on the guitar
  • A simple 123 exercise to give a boost to their rising arms.
  • nice songs they can sing & play.
  • four cool strumming patterns.
  • numerous beautiful new guitar chords.
  • workouts to make stronger their growing fingers

Have your children ever expressed an interest in learning to play the guitar?

you may have regarded into guitar classes to your kids, but discovered that no longer all guitar academics appreciate that children learn otherwise than adults. London Guitar classes lecturers have taught guitar classes for kids as young as four, so we all know this from experience.the lessons are fun and will stimulate your youngster’s pure musicality and creativity. youngsters can expertise an actual sense of accomplishment through studying to play the guitar @ Kensington & Chelsea Guitar Academy

Kids Guitar Lessons NEED to Start Slower

we discover that youngsters can play in addition to adult students, but just want to begin a little slower. We custom tailor our courses to fit the needs of each and every student. So whether your youngster picks it up in no time, or wants a little further practice, we you should definitely transfer at a percent that’s comfortable for them. We make sure they experience success instantly so that they need to continue learning!children can analyze in a single to at least one lessons. they can also research in pairs if your child has a pal you want her or him to analyze with. this will save you money.

Did you know that Guitar Lessons for Children offer Many Proven Benefits?

Grades give a boost to. numerous studies have shown that grades support when youngsters begin playing a musical instrument! Guitar lessons assist kids suffering from shyness. Many fundamental college academics suggest tune classes for youngsters who are very shy because it helps carry them out of their shell! Researchers have used various mind imaging ways to analyze brain activity all over musical duties and located that playing music activates regions in all four of the cortex’s lobes, meaning that guitar classes for children will stimulate each part of their brains! tune lessons for kids inspire willpower and diligence. These are features that carry over into all areas of their lives and lead to effective learn about and work habits. research express that youngsters who take guitar lessons have a huge improvement of their spatial-temporal rankings aE” which is helpful when learning each Math & Science! enjoying the guitar has at all times been in a position to deliver people collectively. this can lead to a lifelong pastime and an never-ending source of pleasure. A study of 1,200 children in 50 faculties established that the scholars who took song classes were higher at international languages, discovered to read way more fast, showedimproved social interplay, confirmed larger levels of enjoyment in school, and had alower stress level than students who didn’t learn about tune. call London Guitar classes these days and get your child’s first guitar lesson!


classes are on hand between the next occasions below and we’ll do our perfect to accommodate you through discovering a time and date that fits you.


What To Bring

Please bring your own guitar (acoustic or electrical) and a plectrum, alternatively we can cater for many who do not personal their very own guitar. Recording gadgets or taking notes are additionally welcomed in the event you want to go over the lesson in a while. The Kensington & Chelsea Guitar faculty provides all of the following musical gear:

  • Acoustic guitars
  • electrical guitars
  • Guitar effects
  • Cables and plectrums
  • track stands
  • Handouts and studying supplies

Skype Lesson Requirements

before reserving a Skype lesson please make sure you have the following setup:

  • it’s important to have a webcam, sound, and a working internet connection to receive classes by means of Skype.
  • ensure your setup works, and your tutor can see each the head and the neck of the guitar.
  • in addition, you need to have your own guitar, tuner and plectrum.
  • you are going to additionally obtain handouts by way of e-mail which that you could print off at residence.
  • Lesson important points can be despatched to you, along with our Skype important points, as soon as we have established your reserving.
  • we will be able to skype you at the organized time – get able to rock!
  • Cancellations not up to forty eight hours earlier than the lesson are non-refundable.
  • If there’s a sure song or area of finding out you wish to have to pay attention to – no downside!
  • in the event you contact your tutor in the past, he can put together the lesson specific to your hobby.

Booking Details

  • Lesson small print will be sent to you, as soon as now we have verified your reserving.
  • Please pay by way of PayPal at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Cancellations lower than forty eight hours earlier than the lesson are non-refundable.


Additional Information


At Your Home (London, UK only), At Studio (London, UK only), Skype or FaceTime (Anywhere)


30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins


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