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  Strumming Patterns – #5 Bring In The Funk – Guitar Lesson – Vicki Genfan1,300 views | 3 days ago  6:41 Robben Ford’s SongCraft – Introduction5,193 views | 4 days ago  15:15 Strumming Patterns – #4 Club DADGAD – Guitar Lesson – Vicki Genfan3,402 views | 1 week ago  5:41 Bebo Dojo: Essentials – #51 – Guitar Lesson – Sheryl Bailey2,859 views | 2 weeks ago  2:23 Bebo Dojo: Essentials – #54 – Guitar Lesson – Sheryl Bailey1,125 …Read More

gift Certificates

gift Certificates-study to play guitar or bass nowadays!!! This holiday provide the one you love the private classes they have got always wanted to take! sign up for our , guitar classes and more this holiday. ROCK BLUES JAZZ FUNK R&B CLASSICAL REGGAE BLUEGRASS BOSSA NOVA/SAMBA us of a ​ want to examine your favourite songs? want your son/daughter to take up guitar with a patient, an expert instructor? desire …Read More

Kensington Guitar Lessons teach: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Folk, Pop

To the home of Kensington Guitar Lessons where we offer Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons. All ages ( we teach lots of children and adults) and most styles are welcome, acoustic and electric . We am here to help you begin or continue your path of learning and realising the art of making music in a comfortable and fun environment. Whether you want to learn how to rock, play acoustic, …Read More