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Various Gibson & Fenders

  Epiphone Sheraton 2 Part 1334,501 views | 4 years ago  3:31 1968 Gibson ES-335 cherry Fender Vibrolux Reverb plus…320,314 views | 4 years ago  2:14 Fender Ltd. American Vintage ´52 Telecaster Neck-Humbuc…299,195 views | 4 years ago  2:04 Awesome sounding (!) 2009 Gibson Les Paul “Mike Bloo…232,746 views | 3 years ago  7:01 20 Signature Licks – TABs available – Lesson Gregsguit…205,918 views | 2 years ago  2:21 Fender Telecaster P-90 Squire plus Fender Vibrolux Reverb…198,769 views | 4 years ago …Read More

Fender Stratocaster

i purchased this blue Fender Deluxe avid gamers Stratocaster in may just, 2007. it is a very lovely guitar and it seems to be a well-liked variation with the aid of Fender. read more small print in regards to the Deluxe players Strat® on Fender’s web site. The Deluxe participant Stratocaster used to be called the “super Strat”. the variation is this one has been upgraded with American-made old Noiseless™ pickups, and …Read More